Are You Doing Everything You Can to Attract Customers?

Keep Your Details up to Date

Changed your hours? Ph Number or Location?

Make sure they are all up to date wherever your details are shown.

Customers want to know when you are open, and how to contact you.


A Growing Customer Base

People buy from Op Shops for many different reasons.  A growing area is consumers that want to shop more conciously.

People who travel want to know where they can go Op Shopping.

Being Social Can Help

Social media can be scary to some, but it is a great free way to connect with potential customers.

You can easily showcase items you have for sale, increasing customers at the same time.


How Op Shop Directory NZ Can Help

The aim of Op Shop Directory NZ is to list all the Op Shops in NZ.  Allowing people to find where they are, and also rate and review shops.

To achieve this, any Op Shop no matter how big or small can submit or update their listing for free.  Just get in contact to add details or add a new shop.

Take your listing to the next level with optional extras.  These help your store stand out, as well as support the website.

Optional Extras

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay monthly?

To keep the costs down every plan is for 12 months.

What do I do if I have multiple Op Shops?

You can buy as many or as few of the plans as you require.  Allowing you to grow when required and keeping the pricing fair for everyone.

Can I update my own listing?

While you can update your listings basic information for free, you won’t be able to do this yourself.  This is to help keep a consistant look on the website.  And to stop people from posting spam, or shops that don’t fit the website.

You can submit a change to an Op Shop by going here.

I have another question for you

No worries, if you have a question about your Op Shop, wanting ideas on promotion, or something technical get in touch and I’ll see what I can do.

Get in Touch

If you have a question, or you’d like to chat about Op Shops please email me