In late 2008 I wondered if there was a simple way to find Op Shops in New Zealand.
Turns out there wasn’t.
I started building this website, over the years it has grown to what it is now. It’s a side project I hope people find useful.

The Key Ideas Behind Op Shop Directory NZ are:

To list all the Op Shops in the country with all relevant information.

Allow people to rate and review the listings.

Shops Currently Listed

What makes this site different?

It’s put together by me, an actual human.  I update listings when additional information is received, either from the shops themselves, Op Shoppers or if I see something myself. 

Without the significant support of people this site wouldn’t exist.

Thank You

Thanks to everyone that has visited the site, rated or reviewed a shop, or sent in information.

If you find the site useful, please share it with friends and family. If you want to help power me to update it more, buy me a coffee ☕➡😁